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The Pioneers of Luxury Meets Science in Skincare


3LAB is a global leader in high-tech skincare, renowned for merging beauty with science to deliver cutting-edge skincare innovations. Their product line focuses on high-end, anti-aging solutions that produce tangible results, addressing a wide range of skin concerns, from environmental damage to fine lines and wrinkles. 3LAB has earned acclaim for its breakthroughs in the beauty industry, particularly for products like the Super “h” Serum and Super Cream.


3LAB has not only introduced groundbreaking products to the beauty industry but has also garnered accolades and attention from reputable sources, including Allure magazine, where their Super “h” Serum received the prestigious “top splurge” award. Their Super Cream, equipped with cutting-edge “smart” technology, strategically delivers antioxidants and collagen/elastin-producing peptides to rejuvenate the skin.


Born from a vision to create the ultimate anti-aging skincare range, 3LAB is adored by beauty editors, celebrities, and skincare experts worldwide, making it synonymous with luxury and scientific excellence in skincare.

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Working as the director of global marketing and communications prior to opening First and Last PR, it was important to our founder to take a personal approach to all outreach efforts, targeting both national and regional markets with vigor.  This approach included engaging with key press and influencers (before they were welcomed at the front row of NYFW shows) to invite them into our office for VIP tours of the 3LAB laboratory and manufacturing facility to establish a more intimate connection with them and to share a behind the scenes look at the brand, arrange for founder and chemist interviews and provide insight into what it’s like to create cutting edge skincare products.



Relaunching a niche luxury skincare brand with a owners that were skeptical about the power of Public Relations because the two agencies previously hired did not get the required results and a lot of money and time was wasted trusting their efforts.


3LAB, despite its exceptional products and beautiful packaging, lacked industry recognition, faced the challenge of rejuvenating its brand image and expanding its market presence.


As a niche luxury skincare brand, they needed to reignite interest, engage with a broader audience, and communicate their innovative approach to skincare effectively.


Despite being a leader in high-tech skincare, they wanted to rejuvenate their brand image, increase awareness, and expand their customer base.


To achieve this, they needed a strategic public relations and marketing campaign that would breathe new life into their brand, reposition them in the market, and drive consumer interest.




VIP Facial Events: We hosted quarterly VIP facial events at Barneys New York stores, a sorely missed retailer that has been described by The New York Times as a store that “epitomized a certain kind of aspirational Manhattan cool” that was known for its superior selections and designer offerings. These events served as a platform to introduce 3LAB products to a discerning audience and allowed editors and VIP customers to experience the brand's luxury firsthand which provided a valued experience for all along with facilitated product trials and garnered immediate feedback.


Conducting Lab Tours: One of the beautiful parts about working with 3LAB was having access to their formulation lab, manufacturing facility and warehouse. As these are important aspects of the business and an important part of their story, we incorporated behind the scenes lab tours as a part of our open-door media policy allowing for interviews, filming and tours with top press to tell a broader brand story.


Maximize Time and Resources by conducting in-store trainings in the morning before the stores opened to help train staff on the highly technical ingredient story and proper product usage. Then, use the remaining part of the day to meet with editors for brand introductions and to work on story angles.


Influencer Engagement: Leveraging the power of influencers, we collaborated with well-known beauty and skincare influencers to create authentic reviews and testimonials. Influencers were invited to the 3LAB laboratory to experience the science behind the products and share their experiences with their followers.


Work with Press on long lead stories. With a practice that is steeped in editorial understanding, we matched our marketing and launch calendar to press and editorial calendars as well.



New Retail Partnerships: In addition to being in the initial Barneys New York stores and the flagship Saks Fifth Avenue NYC location, with the increase in demand for product, we were able to go full chain with Barneys plus open at Nordstrom, Bliss Spas and Dermstore in the US plus Selfridges in the UK, Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong, distribution in Germany and eventually Bloomingdale’s in Dubai.
Top Press Hits: The campaign generated extensive media coverage in leading publications, including Vogue, W Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, and Allure. These prominent placements showcased 3LAB's commitment to innovation and luxury in the skincare industry.
Increased Brand Awareness: The personalized outreach efforts, VIP facial events, and influencer engagement significantly increased brand awareness and visibility within the skincare and beauty community.
Positive Consumer Feedback: Customer feedback from the VIP facial events and influencer partnerships was overwhelmingly positive, leading to increased product trials and conversions.
Repositioned Brand Image: 3LAB successfully repositioned itself as a luxury skincare leader with a strong focus on scientific innovation, attracting both new and existing customers who sought high-end anti-aging solutions.
In conclusion, the comprehensive public relations and marketing campaign successfully relaunched 3LAB's luxury skincare brand, elevating its status in the market and solidifying its position as a global leader in high-tech skincare. The campaign's focus on personalization, influencer engagement, and media relations delivered impressive results and set a strong foundation for the brand's continued growth and success in the luxury beauty industry.
3LAB was consistently featured in top media outlets including WWD, W, Vogue, Vanity Fair, New Beauty, allure, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair and more!
Top international features include The Financial Times, InStyle UK, Grazia, The Evening Standard, ELLE Kong Kong, Haper’s Bazaar HK, More Hong Kong, Ahlan! Dubai, Flare Canada, Vogue Germany, Vogue Brazil and more.