As a strategic public relations agency with expertise in the areas of: beauty, wellness, and healthy lifestyle, we develop integrated marketing programs customized for each client’s communications needs.

Public Relations

Build a reputable relationship through effectively communicating between the organization and their publics. We use clear and concise language to convey the desired message on behalf of the client.

Social Media Marketing

Connect with a larger audience and bring awareness to your brand through social media. We utilize the most up to date social media platform to create content that will start up conversation around your brand.

Influencer Marketing

Utilize trusted experts in the industry to promote a product or brand. We are constantly researching the newest influencers who are the perfect match to work with our clients in order to get reach a new audience.

VIP Seeding

Increase brand awareness through experiential gifting of client products and/or services. We engage your target audience and build their trust opinion through organic and paid promotion.

Financial Communications

Analyze financial data and provide a detailed analysis as it relates to a company’s performance. We carefully examine all your financial decisions to provide you with recommendations that investors and other interested parties may consider when doing business with you.

Multicultural Communications

Understand the dynamics of how various cultures communicate. We study various cultures values and beliefs to ensure our clients are appropriately and professionally communicating with one another.


Uphold a positive role in the community when making business decisions by being mindful of environmental and social consequences. We assist companies with their decisions to ensure it best reflection of their values and is the best interest of the community.

Executive Positioning & Thought Leadership

Define and elevate an executive’s personal brand. We educate our clients to ensure they are well-versed and creditable in their industry.

Media Relations

Build strategic and meaningful relationships with the those in the media such as editors, journalists, reporters, and contributors. We maintain good standing relationships with media professionals which allows us to secure media coverage.

Branded Content

Assist with content brainstorming and execution. We use branded content to make your brand more recognizable and a household name.

Crisis and Reputation Risk

Prepare crisis plans for circumstances in order to protect our reputation. We understand the importance of being proactive and prepared when crises arise.

Experiential Marketing

Create memorable and lasting experience that will increase customer participation. We brainstorm creative ideas that will have our brand on the public’s mind.

Start-Up Development

Assist with the planning and execution process for your company from start to finish. We develop a well-thought business plan to ensure your company will succeed.

Affiliate Marketing

Generate more traffic or revenue to your website. We can get your brand in front of a new audience through affiliate marketing.

Photoshoot Development

Make sure that you and your products are always seen in the best light. From headshots and product shots to campaigns, we’ll execute the perfect vision.