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Helping Leading Luxury Men’s Skincare Brand and the Men Shopping for It Rediscover Themselves Through Proven Products


We were called to consult and execute on LAB SERIES global relaunch including developing a media kit that would be used globally while also launching the campaign with the US press to reintroduce the brand through new technology, packaging and a set of global ambassadors that were as multifaceted as the products themselves. Our primary challenge was reintroducing LAB SERIES to the contemporary men’s grooming market during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Since its inception in 1987, LAB SERIES has created high performance solutions with technology and active ingredients to work with men’s skin.

However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic presented unforeseen obstacles. Nevertheless, our unwavering dedication to embracing the uniqueness of every man persisted, propelling our campaign forward.

Practice Areas

Luxury & Grooming

10 +
Press Hits
1000 B
Media Impressions
$ 10 M
Monetary Value



Our approach was built upon in-depth research into men’s grooming habits and an exploration of branding strategies. We first studied historical grooming trends and how they evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic. What we learned is that there was a  significant demand for self-care among men and a reevaluation of grooming practices. Post-pandemic, there was a widespread desire for self-discovery and a shift in personal values. We knew that LAB SERIES was ready to answer the call.


To craft a strategy that resonated with consumers, we conducted research focusing on grooming habits and self-care practices. This consumer-informed approach formed the foundation of our recommendations. Our goal was to align the brand’s heritage with these changing dynamics, ensuring its relevance and connection to today’s consumers.



Veteran men’s grooming brand looking to expand reach with new consumers while maintaining current brand fans.


Connecting with editors in a genuine way during the COVID-19 pandemic of health, mental, emotional and social distancing challenges.


With offices closed and men working from home, they began to question the need for clean shaves and frequent haircuts familiar by the old status quo.


Finding new and innovative ways to champion the uniqueness of every man while they were in their own personal development of what life would be like post-pandemic.


As things slowly began to open up, we faced one of the most debated PR challenges of the launch: deciding on what the launch should look like in person, virtual or through careful seeding.




Media Kit Development: We took a precise and versatile approach to crafting a media kit. Initially designed for North American markets, we refined it for a global audience, including the dynamic Asian market.


Ambassador Engagement: We conducted thorough interviews with our brand ambassadors, employing a dynamic Q&A format. This method allowed us to unearth compelling narratives that editors could use for various story angles and that would resonate with contemporary consumers while respecting the brand's rich heritage.


Specific and Highly Targeted Editorial Outreach: We always prioritize building strong editorial relationships. We placed a particular focus on the "Invent Yourself" campaign and positioning LAB SERIES for exclusive story angles with select press first. This effort resulted in top press with our target publications and culminated in the distribution of specially curated LAB SERIES product packages to editors, influencers, and experts for increased awareness.


Plan an interactive editor launch event to debut the ambassador campaign photos while introducing the product news.


The launch campaign culminated in the distribution of specially curated and branded LAB SERIES product packages to editors, influencers, and experts for increased awareness and product trial. The packages were deliberately created using eco-friendly printing paper, and only sent with editor consent to reduce the risk of error as some offices began to re-open to hybrid situations.



Achieved 1.85 billion impressions and a $17.08 million earned media value through our strategies.
Positioned LAB SERIES as a top men's skincare brand for gifting during the holiday season and beyond.
Gained recognition in the 2021 GQ Grooming Awards.
Secured features in influential publications like Forbes and The New York Times.
In less than a month, secured a feature in Esquire, highlighting the brand's sustainability efforts and refillable packaging.
Demonstrated agility and resilience in navigating unexpected hurdles.
Showcased LAB SERIES' transformation and engaged a global audience, leaving a lasting impact on the brand's trajectory.